Hello bro I just wanted to update you about the above issue. I just figured it out that the issue was because of . Seems they are blocking Bingbot. I paused it and now Bing is able to fetch or crawl my URLs.


早上我突然收到了cloudflare的邮件,我注册的几个高价值域名在没有接到任何提前告知情况下, 突然被cloudflare 单方面全部deleted,域名每个价值都在3-5bitcoins,其中的四个域名我通过其他的渠道重新注册回来,但还有2个高价值域名我可能永远也拿不回来了.


Fuck that. needs to be transparent with the identity of infringers' hosts whenever ANY IP owners asks for it.. otherwise, (which is the only reason they got away with their bullshit in this case) They don’t always do that..


Error 1020 Ray ID: 69e98e3b6a9e15c3 • 2021-10-15 13:57:16 UTC Access denied What happened? This is using a to protect itself from attacks. Ray ID: 69e98e3b6a9e15c3


With the mention that you're putting all your trust on , who are a man-in-the-middle in this case. I'm not saying it's not ok in certain scenarios, but users/site-owners must be made aware that cloudflare is decrypting/modifying/re-encrypting their traffic.


Keep calm ..talk ..they can you with your disabled ..suspended ..locked banned..hacked account recovered👍 .


in the morning, I suddenly received an from cloudflare,6 high-value names I registered all deleted without any remind in advace, worth 3-5bitcoins each domain, 4/6 I re-registered back through other channels,but there are two high-value domain names


it does not change the fact that mozilla has made deals to funnel traffic to , and that they have started to operate grifting operations. Brendan Eich is no longer there since 2014. he is not forcing the MoCo/MoFo boards to make bad decisions.


Are there currently dashboard login issues? Both & accounts are failing logins with 'invalid user' errors or kicking me back to the login screen after entering the correct MFA code (with no errors).


I'm afraid I still find the lack of consultation pretty troubling. And separately, cloudflare's position on proxies is very hypocritical.


The big difference - to me - is that the content producer has trusted as a supplier and knows and expects their traffic to be treated that way. The end user hasn’t agreed to - and doesn’t have knowledge of - type equipment that may be intercepting them.


I'm specifically talking about a situation where the user has authorised the at their end. And if you think the average owner has any more idea about the internals of than the average user has about a middlebox they have authorised... well :)


From the user's perspective, is it acceptable to have "you allow to most of your traffic, or no (most of the) for you"?


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