Couple of options. You can initiate a password reset and take control of the account, or you can also support at dot com from the email address that was used and ask for the account to be deleted.

This is a specific error from , denying you access. It may have falsely detected you as a potential threat, or, like me, clicked instead of .

Yeah this was fucking great. Took about 2 minutes as my host handles most of it. 🀟🏻

Bro you got from and because you were saying too many slurs and was becoming white nationalism/white supremacist cesspool. You guys also stormed the fucking capitol on camera and then blamed antifa. You get what you fucking deserve. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Extremely unimpressed with your support. We've been experiencing a CF SSL error since Sep 13. We're on the Pro plan. If we're lucky we get a reply in 24 hours, but now it's been radio silence for 3 days. All of this while many customers can't connect.

So that was a lie... All forwards added through denver02 is down... showing Error 524 intermittently when trying to access portal. Provide carrier level forwarding.

stop telling storeowners to use for SSL! they changed something on their end & now storenvy stores using them for SSL are screwed!!! They won't answer support tickets unless you upgrade to their account-- END your relationship with shitty CLOUDFLARE

It is not "another", just the same nonstop attack. When you add capacity to your systems, volume of bad traffic will adjust automatically to the new level. could stop it. I am not sure if 15 new will be capable to deliver for 80K users on Monday.

It seems somebody (not me) just tried to use my address to create an account with you. Can that be traced in any way?

logging is mandatory by all ISPs as well and I guarantee does it too. Everything logs everything now a days. If I was that tin foil Hatty I may as well use . knowing my history is their own fault 🀣

I'm unable to access your and web app in . Do you have any notice of being blocked here? ISP is ACT Fibernet and I've tried using and for resolution. Works when I'm connected to .

Can someone please explain it to me like I’m fucking stupid why the thing hasn’t been fixed?

Just tried an other search.. still using . " protection by Ray ID: 693f903c79c85349" Cloudflare is worthless.

Can't log in on Android app. Can only log in on on PC. Asks for 2-factor every login, despite 'Remember Device'. Using chrome on android gives a error. Other are getting this. Might be a issue.

Everything again. It's looking like you changed your away from back to those stupid ass Switchvox , are you fucking serious?

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