How do we switch a negative role to a positive role?

How do you become self empowered?

Remember that when someone says that you are worthless and treat you like you are worthless that it is not true.
God doesn't make junk.
You are a blessing.

Say no to negative thoughts and yes positive thoughts.

One of the benefits of martial arts training is self confidence.

The sun always shines, even when it is raining, the sun is above the clouds shining.
God is always with us, even when it is raining.

Stress starts with our thoughts and energy.
Energy healing helps you to distress.

When we look at martial arts for self defense, the goal is to stop violence.
Let's do it better by healing violence.

Healing violence is proactive.
Learn how to start healing violence.

We can't expect peace when we choose violence.
Learn how to start healing violence.

Love is the strongest energy, strongest force.
Learn how to heal violence.

We feel good when we do good.
Do good for yourself.
Healing violence.

Kyusho Jitsu Debunked?

Today people love to have opinions based on things they "hear" & not facts! Discover the TRUTH of Kyusho from a real Master teacher!

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Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian - Pressure Points of the Mind.

All new eBook on the amazing POWER of the Triple Warmer Meridian and to use this knowledge in Self Defense.

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I have started the website for the Dog Rescue. Have a look if you have a few moments.

Thank you!

We heal violence by healing and correcting the violence within.

Checkout th Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu Online.

This is a massive reference for all things Kyusho Jitsu.

Includes information on every pressure point of the body, including medical references. Principles, theories, everything you need at your finger tips.

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