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The Unbelievable Power in your Hand! Pressure Points HT-08 TW-03. The Tunnel of Chi Energy that can be used for destruction & also for healing.

Learn all you need to know from this article now.

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BBC: WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson responds to revelations of CIA Kill or Kidnap plot against publisher Julian Assange | @bbc5live

It is NOT the governments job, nor do they have the authority to tell we the people what to do. We the people, by majority tell the government what to do and what not to do.

When they violate this they must be removed with whatever force is needed. If they refuse to leave, then it is up to the military to remove them. The military's job is to protect the people not the government.

When this fails revolution must follow.

Burn this into your memory. Learn how laws are created. Stop giving government power they do not have by your obedience!

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Special Application Pressure Points - What are they? How do they differ from other pressure points on the human body? Are they dangerous?

Read this article to learn more now.

Discover Pressure Point GB-25 [Gall Bladder] Another Dangerous Pressure Point that is easy to access for High Escalation Self Defense situations.

Learn more from this article now.

Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon - Understanding how to develop the ability to cause devastating pain in an attacker in and hands on situation.

Learn more today by following the link to the article.

What makes Pressure Point Stomach 5 [ST-05] such an effective knockout pressure point? This article will explain how this pressure point works in detail. Learn more from this article right now.

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Fuck you, Apple.

"iPhone 13 A Repair Nightmare - Teardown and Repair Assessment"

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Up over 11 thousand Physicians and Medical Professions now willing to risk their ability to practice medicine by signing the declaration.

UPDATE: as of 9:30am ET on 10/7 over 11,100 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration. Please join us

I am a hard ass. Time, and experience has made me this way. I tolerate nothing and no one. I am happy to toss WOKE garbage from my life.

Any company that advertises anyone wear a MASK I will never shop at, or support. Any business demanding a "vaccine passport" will never get a cent from me.

These companies and their employees are irrelevant to my life. If everyone did this they would not exist.
I am the alpha, I am the wolf, be the wolf. My PACK above all.


Ideologies have been brainwashing people for decades that tolerance is a virtue. It is not a virtue, it is a WEAKNESS. I tolerate nothing and no one in my life. And I do not care if people like it.

If that earns me the leftist loser "label du jour" I wear it proudly because other opinions of me have no meaning to me.

What matters is my pack, my family. If you trespass it is your ass.


I am the wolf, be the wolf.

The HUNT is on.

Martial Arts training was once revered because of the Martial Art Trinity of connecting Body Mind and Spirit. Time to return to our roots of dedicated study.

Learn more now from this new article.

Are you ready to discover the Natural Laws of Motion. Take the understanding of your root art to an entirely new level of understanding.

Learn more about Natural Laws from this article.

Free Kyusho Jitsu Essentials Chart - Print and Laminate this Pressure Point Reference for all levels of Kyusho Jitsu Training.

Follow the link to Download NOW!

The Natural Laws of Motion are part of Kyusho Jitsu Body Mechanics. Learn about fast, powerful and effective movement to naturally increase your power.

Learn more from this article today.

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