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Discover the Top 3 Pressure Point Lockdowns to shut down the body in any self defense situation. This is must have information for your self defense training.

Learn more from this article now.

High level martial arts training is the connection from body to mind. In True Self Defense there is no body contact. High Level Thinking.

This article will give you all the information you need.

What is the Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection? Are you having issues getting the results with Kyusho Jitsu you want?

Here is a solution! Learn more today from this new article.

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!' It is really astounding just how STUPID PEOPLE ARE. I just cannot feel compassion for idiots who question nothing and do everything their "owners" tell them to do. I do not consent.

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♦ If you would like to help, please make a list of the companies, directors, bosses, supervisors, managers, doctors, nurses, hospitals, health boards, councils, with the NAMES of the people mandating the clot shot bioweapons kill shots, the bioweapons infected surgical masks, social distancing, the PCR fake, bioweapons contaminated "tests" or any "covid" measure, a bioweapon & attack upon We the People. Then send me the list via PM.

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As happened during WWII, those mandating the clot shots kill shots bioweapons will not be able to use the excuse that they were "only following orders". This did not work at the Hague or the Nuremberg trials then in WWII & will not work now also.

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What is the Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection? I have discussed this once before, and the article was called Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection.  This article began the process. And today I am going to finish it. Back in 2006 I registered a new martial art. An eclectic version of my original root art of Kuk Sul Hapkido. Why did I do this? It was not for glory, or for rank. It was because what I was learning, and

One of the most popular for demonstration Pressure Point GB-20 - What are the dangers associated with GB-20 you may not be aware of when striking it?

Learn more from this article now.

Kyusho is Critical Thinking! The science of pressure point self defense helps to keep the mind sharp and helps to see the world clearly.

Learn more now by reading this article.

Art of Self Defense was created for the average man or woman. My concern today with the obsession of martial sport these arts will disappear.

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The Art of Self Defense was created for the average man or woman. And this is what the majority of the martial arts from Asia were once about. Yes there are certain arts that are more combat oriented than other. The sword arts being a prime example of this. But if we even look at the weapons from Okinawa they are farm implements.

Used by the average person. Not high end military hardware. Much has

The wise learn from history. History of Martial Arts is the same. If you do not know where you come from you do not know where you are going.

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What makes Pressure Point Stomach 5 [ST-05] such an effective knockout pressure point?

This article will explain how this pressure point works in detail. Learn more from this article today.

There are many misguided opinions in our culture. One of the is that because you are a martial artist you are a self defense expert.

This is simply WRONG. Learn the FACTS now grom this article.

Zen in Martial Arts is a way of life. Discover the path of inner peace in a time on ultra chaos.

Learn the way to walk the Zen Path of life. Learn ore today from this new article.

Zen in Martial Arts is a journey not destination in life. And the problem we face today are largely because the population of Western Culture believes that life is a destination. And this brings a lot of problems all of which are manifesting today. Martial Art training is not an activity. When taught correctly the new student learns quickly that martial art really it is a way of life. Why is

What are the Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions? Understanding there purpose and application of these striking actions dramatically increases effectiveness.

Learn more now from this article.

Discover the 3 Most Painful Pressure Points on the Human Body. Pain is a GREAT deterrent! This post updated to include much more information.

Read this article to learn more now.

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