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What is Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy?

On the surface this may not seem like much however Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy is a powerful force once understood/.

Learn more from this article now.

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@ArtMason This is how it's been since antiquity. I suggest reading "On War" and "The Art of War", it's really fascinating to see how these old ideas on warfare shape contemporary large-scale combat. What I've recently become increasingly fascinated by as a subject is the implement of mercenaries, both historical and modern.

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Spyware sold to authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians and journalists | #Pegasus

Modern medicine is not about health it is about profit. Profit regardless of the death count. AKA genocide.

Don't believe me? Count the medications in your "medicine" cabinet, look into the them, their contents, and side effects.

Mine is EMPTY and has been for decades. Yet I am never sick, not in pain or discomfort.

This is a great video.

People need to learn much about warfare and the modern times. But they are too busy wanted to be right, rather than learn.

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Kyusho is Critical Thinking

Kyusho is Critical Thinking, something that the average person cannot do today. Do you see this? Most people I know in Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point study, and some in the martial arts depending on what they study can still think critically.

most of all rhe majority of people are brainwashed. They have become stupid from watching CNN and Facebook. 

The other day I was out

Mastering the Octagon - Based on the Natural of Laws of Motion, and Self Defense.

This eBook is based on the ancient teachings of Kosho Ryu and James Mitose.

Learn more from this link.

Success really does have a clear path!

Discover the Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu to take your via curriculum from beginner to master levels,

Read this article to learn more!

Do not seek to be like the master but seek what the master sought.

Develop the Chi Power of Intention - Learn the Secrets of the Masters of Old.

Read this article to learn more.

Kyusho Jitsu Principles of the Grand Master.

High level study of the principles that make masters. Follow the link to learn more about this epic eBook;

This is a must have for the serious Kyusho student.

Today let's talk about Pressure Point Pericardium 2 [PC-02} which is one of the most painful pressure points on the body when struck.

This pressure point is devastating! Read this article to learn more.

How effective is Pressure Point Fighting when it comes to real street self defense?

Learn the truth & exactly how this works and why you need to study this.

This article will explain all for you.

What are your Kyusho Jitsu Experience Levels?

Take our Questionnaire and increase your experience levels today in the science of pressure point self defense.

This article will detail everything for you.

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Φ The also are contaminated with the . The junk, , so called " " are also with the graphene oxide which produces the , the in the , in the . Post- mortem analysis has revealed people dying from the fake " "are actually dying from clots.

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A frightening video to watch, but true:

in the of people by . Source of the video: of by LCA**

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► This explains why they have been preventing of the from being performed. As the doctors in , , Europe have discovered who did autopsies of those who supposedly died of " ", they found blood clots in the brain, the blood to have coagulated - they found no ". So it does not exist. All the symptoms being attributed to "covid" are caused by the deadly graphene oxide poisoning. It gets and the person.

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