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A way to feel better about yourself and your life is to learn how to heal violence and apply it.

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Are you stressed out? Book an energy healing session with me to distress and feel peace.

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DG of Health is saying Malaysia healthcare system will be collapsing soon and WHO say we may have 26,000 COVID DEATH by September with going rate, so let’s listen to how ivermectin home care protocol used by Philippines may be our live saver.

Pressure Point ST-08

Pressure Point ST-08 is a pressure point most people will never look at. And that is too bad because it is easy to access and extremely dangerous at the same time. I decided to do it today because I saw someone hit here with a weapon in a cop show. 

And the results are devastating! Aside from the physical damage that can be caused at this area of the head there is a

The Kyusho Jitsu Encyclopedia eBook.

This is the perfect reference guide for all things pressure points - Kyusho Jitsu.

Based on the Online version this is a live eBook. Follow the link to learn more now.

Understanding the Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross - What is it, how does it work and why learning to properly attack the knees is critical today/

Discover more from this article now.

Pressure Point ST-35 - A great pressure point to train with for attacking the knees in a self defense situation.

Learn more now from this very detailed article.

Alarm Point / Pressure Point LV-13 is a must learn for any serious student of Kyusho Jitsu.

This article will give you all the info you need! Read this article for all the information.

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Violence is the norm, we have a responsibility to change the norm. - Philip Welch

Final Days to take advantage of the ULTRA LOW price for the Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course!

This is for beginners up to the level of 1st Dan Black Belt. The course is all inclusive including grading if you choose to do so.

Follow the link to learn more now before the price is gone for good! .

Pressure Points That Kill - High Escalation Self Defense and the use of Pressure Points in situations that require deadly force.

Learn more now. Read this article to learn more now.

Common sense is not very common. Learn about the Kyusho Jitsu Uke - Protect the Safety of the Pressure Point Training Partner.

Learn more now from this important article.

Self Defense and Fear - How to Train properly to overcome fear in a world were violence is encourage by governments & ignored by authorities.

Read this article now to learn more.

Discover the Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points - These are pressure points mapped after the original set.

The science of pressure point self defense. Read this article to learn more,

You may have noticed the streets today are becoming more and more dangerous everyday.

Training is essential!

Understanding the best places on the body to strike and the results you will get! Checkout my eBook/Video Deadly Pressure Points for Self Defense NOW!

Understanding the Kyusho Jitsu Microcosmic Orbits - Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Principle for the student who wishes to master the pressure point sciences.

Learn more now from this article.

Do we need Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points - Mastering the science of pressure point self defense.

A MUST READ article for serious Kyusho students/ This is very powerful information and this article will tell you all.

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