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The elites organized a global government by paying off the 200 most unethical leaders in the world.

Apathy and Tolerance are final virtues of a dying society, The Death of the Western Culture is upon us. And it is too late to change it.

Deleted my Parler Account today. Very disappointed to see this platform LIE about being FREE Speech but instead are a communist propaganda machine.

The west needs to wake up and see the truth. Social Networks are NOT important and need to be bankrupt. Places like this are great because for the most part it is real people.

The World is Crazy. Stress is off the charts for most people.

We are bombarded today by non ending propaganda and programming.

Time to take back your mind! Learn why Kyusho Jitsu and Meditation is a path to a better life of less stress from this article.

Did you know that there are 361 pressure points on each side of the body?

And also extraordinary pressure points? Where do you even begin to study?

The answer is with my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. The Grey's Anatomy of Kyusho Jitsu.

Follow the link to learn more about this important learning resource!

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Hello and good morning world! :blobcatwave: Gotta work till 20:00 tonight :blobcatderpy:

Common sense is not very common. Often times Kyusho teachers especially do not take very good care of their training partner or Uke.

Learn about the Kyusho Jitsu Uke - Protect the Safety of the Pressure Point Training Partner. Learn more now with this article

Striking the neck in an attack is always a great solution. But some places on the neck will yield a better result.

Learn the FACTS about Deadly Pressure Point SI-16 [Small Intestine]. Everything you need to know to add this pressure point to your self defense system.

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There is no scientific basis for the measures in place to deal with the alleged Covid Pandemic.

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Hunedoara Castle in Hunedoara Romania, a city in . Also known as Corvin Castle and Hunyadi Castle. Construction began in 1440.

Vlad the Impales was a prisoner here for about 13 months (not 13 years as history says) after his 2nd reign.

Ghost Adventures on Halloween 2013 did a special episode there, as well as a horror movie called The Nun

The Clock Tower in Sighisoara Romania. The old city looks so amazing at night. This is a small town actually of about 20,000. But a must see if you visit Romania.

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