There are no rules on the streets. The paid thugs we deal with today commit violent acts and then in many cities are released immediately.

HPPT and Multiple Attackers - The Truth about training and Surviving a Multiple Gang Attack on the increasing dangerous streets of today's western world.

The Western Culture today has a BIG problem with violence on the streets endorses by corrupt governments.

But there is one truth that becomes clear. People must take charge of their own personal safety.

Follow the link and have a look at my 4 Level Certification courses in Humane Pressure Point Tactics. Real escalation based street defense.

Updated article from Spring 2020 about the DNC PAID riots in the USA.

Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell - Violent Crime is on the Risk and there are very specific reasons for this new wave!

Learn what you can do to remain safe from this article.

How do you properly Access Pressure Points?

This article will give you the detailed information you need to be successful with the science of Kyusho Jitsu.

Read this article now!

What are the Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions? -

Today let's Separate the Facts from the Fiction for a clear view of the science of pressure points. Learn the truth from this article.

All New Video Course coming soon!!

Kill Shot Pressure Points Video Course - Preparing for and ending a Life or Death Situation on today's crazy streets.

As violence escalates martial artists need to expand their knowledge and preparation! Learn more now!

How do Martial Arts Pressure Points and Self Defense work and fit together?

Self Defense is NOT street fighting or ring fighting. The skills are very different!

How important is this question in light of today's street violence and safety?

The streets today are becoming more dangerous by the day.

This requires new skills for self defense. What Pressure Points work the best in a life or death, kill or be killed situation?

Learn the Top 5 Best Combat Pressure Points from this article.

Power is NOT generated the way most martial artists believe. If you want to create power there are things you must know.

What is the Kyusho Jitsu Power Principle? - Learn how Power is Created in the Martial Arts Movements based on the Natural Laws of Motion.

The Kyusho 5 Element Theory. Do we still need to teach it today?

There are many Kyusho Jitsu instructors who have abandoned this teaching. Is this a mistake, well I believe it is a grave error!

Learn more from this article now.

Did you know that there are 361 pressure points on each side of the body?

And also extraordinary pressure points? Where do you even begin to study? The answer is with my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

The Grey's Anatomy of Kyusho Jitsu. Follow the link to learn more about this important learning resource!

In a world where violence is escalating out of control you need an edge.

What is the Kyusho Hapkido Cane Defense System?

Learn about the advantages of the most effective tool for self defense you can carry with you ANYWHERE.

Attacking the legs in self defense!

Now get a detailed explanation of Pressure Point Spleen 6 which is also commonly referred to as "Triple Yin"

How does it work? How do you attack it? Learn all the information from this article

There are many misguided opinions in our culture.

One of the is that because you are a martial artist you are a self defense expert. This is simply WRONG.

Learn the FACTS now from this very important article!

Are you interested in learning the Kyusho Jitsu Neurological Pressure Point Knockout?

Well how about a Kyusho Knockout Video Course with over 100 detailed lessons? Checkout this MASSIVE learning opportunity at at unbelievable LOW price of $19.97!!

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Today building self defense skills is more important than ever!

In this article I address H.P.P.T Humane Pressure Point Tactics and the most Frequently Asked Questions.

It is a logical approach to street self defense! Enhance your Self Defense Skills today!

Have you noticed that the World is ON FIRE?

And Warriors Never Quit! he time of the warrior is once again upon us. Martial artists need to heed the call to action.

This article will get you up to speed!

What are Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks & how do they differ from the traditional joint locks of martial art styles like Hapkido?

The addition of the principles of Kyusho increase their effectiveness dramatically! Read this article to learn more now

Why do ​I Love Kyusho Jitsu?

There are so many reasons! The number one reason is the intellectual challenge!

In this article I will address many of the reasons and show you how you can start today FREE! Learn more now!

What is Pressure Point Self Defense?

A detailed explanation on what Pressure Point Fighting is, and most importantly how you can begin to learn FREE.

This article will explain everything you need to know for beginners and advanced students

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