The Wolf watches and waits for the right opportunity before she strikes. Patience, calm and focused engagement comes at the correct moment to assure victory.

All movement, all strikes are done with ice cold calculation. And when action comes it is with commitment and following the laws of nature.

The wolf has no ego, no pride. She simply is....

The hunt begins

The world is asking you right now, "CLICK OK TO CONTINUE."

I'm DONE Clicking....

I am the WOLF

Be the WOLF.

The HUNT begins

The Caraiman Cross AKA Hero's Cross which is a Commemorative Cross to the Romanian Heroes of the First World War.

Located on on Mount Caraiman high above the resort city of Busteni.

"Never interrupt an enemy in the process of destroying himself"

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu

The Wolf does not rush to battle attacking its prey.

She waits in silence as long as is required. She NEVER kills in revenge or for pleasure. Only MAN is so foolish.

And she does not fight within per pack. The Wolf by FACT is peaceful. She is the Peaceful Warrior.

I am the Wolf

The hunt begins............

This was taken back in June 2010 on my first trip. That little doggie is a stray

This first trip I realized the plight of these beautiful little creature of God because so many people in our world are reprehensible pieces of SHIT.

And now 11 years later myself, my son and my girlfriend are opening a rescue in Brasov Country to help this issue. With my connection in the martial arts world we will be very successful.

The beauty of the beaches of Mamaia Romania. Located outside of Constants Mamaia is a European destination spot for its beautiful beaches and fantastic summer weather.

The Black Sea is one of the most dangerous ans stormy of all inland seas. The name refers to the massive death count of the centuries.

The Casino Constanta. The landmark of the City of Constanta Romania. In my firs trip to Romania I stayed 7 days in this city.

The Black Sea is beautiful and legendary.

Your Perception is Equal to your reality

Your Opinion is Equal to your Illusion

Your love is equal to your forgiveness

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