Deleted GAB today. Tired of being censored on this alleged "FREE SPEECH" platform

What is the BIGGEST issue the world faces?


Today lying is considered virtue. Lying for fun, power and profit is the NORM.

Want a better world? STOP LYING!

REMOVE all LIARS from your life! Call them out every time! And stop believing the LYING Doctors, Government people and the list goes on and on.


I am the wolf

I call for EXECUTION by IMPALEMENT for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity. Anthony "Doctor Death" Fauci can be first! Bill Gates can be second.

These crimes must be punished as to set an example for all time what the consequences will be.

IDIOTS get their truth from authority,

The Wolf gets its Authority from TRUTH.

I am the Wolf, be the Wolf

The Hunt Begins

To the left is the demon Pazuzu, AKA Zozo.

To the right is the demon Anthony Fauci.

Need I say more?

In regards to Lebron James Opinion and that of all other Sport, music and acting celebrities.

I much prefer the company of my dogs to people.

Only my PACK.

Zgurasti Cave - is located in the village of Garda de Sus, Alba County, Romania on the steep slope descending from the hill Ordancusei Valley, at an altitude of 921 m

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