Burn this into your memory. Learn how laws are created. Stop giving government power they do not have by your obedience!

I am a hard ass. Time, and experience has made me this way. I tolerate nothing and no one. I am happy to toss WOKE garbage from my life.

Any company that advertises anyone wear a MASK I will never shop at, or support. Any business demanding a "vaccine passport" will never get a cent from me.

These companies and their employees are irrelevant to my life. If everyone did this they would not exist.
I am the alpha, I am the wolf, be the wolf. My PACK above all.


Ideologies have been brainwashing people for decades that tolerance is a virtue. It is not a virtue, it is a WEAKNESS. I tolerate nothing and no one in my life. And I do not care if people like it.

If that earns me the leftist loser "label du jour" I wear it proudly because other opinions of me have no meaning to me.

What matters is my pack, my family. If you trespass it is your ass.


I am the wolf, be the wolf.

The HUNT is on.

For those of you commies who report posts to me. Read below. I believe in free speech, if you not then kiss my ass.

In history men were killed to conquer lands.

Communism conquers so they can KILL.

Those who believe in the ideology of evil must be dealt with in the harshest manner! ALL OF THEM. No exceptions.

Hey Canada! It's election day!!

Grab your ankles because you are about to get FUCKED IN THE ASS by the politicians your apathy have allowed to run crazy for decades.

But one idiot I spoke too back when I was there, "Justine is a nice guy." Yeah if you like commie pedophile drama teachers.

So glad I renouced!

My instance is a REAL instance that believes in FREE SPEECH. Not like mastodon.social which pushing the liberal communist agenda.

Normally I would never bother to post something like this. But I have had a lot of "reports" from that pathetic channel crying like a child about conspiracy theories.

Don't bitch to me because I do not care of the "good opinions" of other :)

Have a nice day!

A note you are seeing a lot of "mandates" from governments and companies. Mandates are NOT LAWS. They are not worth the paper they are written on and cannot be enforces legally. Any fine resulting from these mandates are FRAUD and will not stand up in court! A mandate is a request for you to comply!

The answer to the mandate is "NO I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT!"

Now that the BIG erection has CUM in California do you think Canadians yet realizes that the BIG ERECTION cuming in September for them has already been decided?

California GOT FUCKED. Canada is NEXT. The Libtard Party of Canada will win all seats. Just watch. Grab your ankles Canada!

The Crime Minister, and Genocide master for Canada, Justin Castro is making you look like idiots.

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