The Black Church of Brasov from a drone. This is an amazing building! The inside is beautiful! A must see if you visit Brasov Romania

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@ArtMason thanks ! I was in your town when I was ~12, dad had some friend
living there. I do not remember much but I remember me being in that place. It looks like a
beautiful place judging based on your pictures. Please keep posting them !

@dammn I will be posting pictures daily on Romania. People need to know about this amazing country. This summer I am opening a dog rescue there also. Thank you so much for the message too!

@ArtMason Last time when I was passing Romania on my way to Bulgaria, towns
were full of wandering dogs. They surely need some homes since they breed uncontrollably and this
creates another level of problems for the country. Controlling the amount of dogs by shooting them
is not the way to go. Good luck with the project of yours, it's really needed. Romania is a
beautiful piece of land with lots of history and people are not aware about it, that's a shame.

@dammn Romania was very bad 10 years ago. The government have created a police force now for animal abuse. Which is great. Things have changed a lot. But there is still so much left to do. All my dogs are from the streets of Romania. All my friends there are dog rescuers too. I am going to create a global network to deal with this.

@ArtMason I was there ~12 years ago ... I loved Transylvania's mountains.

@dammn they are amazing. I was living way up in the mountains. Was amazing. With the rescue I will be moving. Need more land.

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