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My home Brasov Romania! If you look at the building on the left you see doors. This leads to one of the BEST restaurants for Romania food called Sergiana.

Center of the image you can see the Black Church off in the distance.

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Remember that when someone says that you are worthless and treat you like you are worthless that it is not true.
God doesn't make junk.
You are a blessing.

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How do you become self empowered?

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How do we switch a negative role to a positive role?

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Learn all about Pressure Point Large Intestine [Li-18} one of the most painful and dangerous pressure points on the body for self defense.

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Discover Pressure Point Liver 14 - A very dangerous and important Pressure Point.

Details on how it works, & what potentially makes this a dangerous point.

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Discover the 3 Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent.

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Influential Pressure Points - One of the most advanced understandings of Kyusho Jitsu and Dim Mak.

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Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian - Pressure Points of the Mind.

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Kyusho 2 Way Action - This knowledge is a Cornerstone to Pressure Point Self Defense success! And most martial artists are not doing this!

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The streets today are becoming more and more dangerous everyday.

Training is essential! Understanding the best places on the body to strike and the results you will get!

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Success really does have a clear path!

Discover the Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu to take your via curriculum from beginner to master levels from this article.

Underlying Indicator Pressure Points are a powerful concept in Kyusho Jitsu that allows you to control the elements of the attackers body.

This article will get you started on this advanced topic.

What is Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu?

Learn about this High Level Chi Training in Kyusho Jitsu to make your Pressure Point Striking more Effective. Learn more now from this article.

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