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My home Brasov Romania! If you look at the building on the left you see doors. This leads to one of the BEST restaurants for Romania food called Sergiana.

Center of the image you can see the Black Church off in the distance.

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Special Application Pressure Points

So, what do I mean why I refer to "Special Application Pressure Points?" How are they different from other pressure points points on the body? What makes them different from other types of pressure points like Alarm Points? Are these the same as Special Purpose Pressure Points? 

Let me begin with YES, I have renamed what I have termed as

Special Application Pressure Points - An all new eBook focused on Ultra High Level Kyusho Jitsu Learning. Grand Master Level Study.

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What is the Dim Mak Project? - It is a Modern Look at the Ancient Art of the "Death Touch." Learn more about this art and why you need to learn it!

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Learn about Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Point TW-23 [Triple Warmer].

Why is it dangerous and how does it work for Neurological Knockouts. Find out more now from this epic article.

Collateral Pressure Points are one of the most advanced & difficult understandings in Kyusho Jitsu. Ties to Dim Mak & the Diurnal Cycle.

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Part two

Companies who push this, like Vista Print Canada to name one are committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

As consumers it is our responsibility to not shop at these companies and put them out of business. Other examples are Coca Cola, because I am far to white to drink coke, and it is poison anyways.

Plus Walmart and their ties to human trafficking and the list goes on and on! Enough is enough! Stand up and take back your lives!

It is time to STOP supporting companies who like to violate human rights with their company policies and rules. FACT MASKS ARE DANGEROUS. The wearing of one these muzzles for any length of time can cause serious health complications.

Plus they violate ever charter of rights and freedoms, and constitutions around.

End Part one

I wonder what people will do, how they will react when they discover everything they have been told all their lives is a lie?

The 5 Element Theory of Kyusho Jitsu. The understanding of the masters of old is the best understanding.

Today much of this information has been ignored, abandoned and even lost. Learn the POWER of the Kyusho 5 Element Theory from my coming new eBook.

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1st Principle of Kyusho Jitsu explained in depth. Kyusho Attack Along Meridian . Learn everything about the 1st of 15 Kyusho Jitsu Principles & how it works.

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What happens in a Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Point Class for Novice or Beginner Student?

Follow this link and see an example of how the class structure works. Learn more now from this article. points

Discover Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 [Triple Warmer / Triple Heater] on of the most important pressure points for controlling self defense escalation levels.

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The Kyusho Jitsu Encyclopedia eBook. This is the perfect reference guide for all things pressure points - Kyusho Jitsu. Based on the Online version this is a live eBook.

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A detailed explanation of Pressure Point Spleen 6 which is also commonly referred to as "Triple Yin" How does it work?

How do you attack it? Learn more by reading this article now!

Discover the science of Pressure Point Psychology - The Power of the Triple Warmer Meridian and how you can learn to control any bad situation.

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