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My home Brasov Romania! If you look at the building on the left you see doors. This leads to one of the BEST restaurants for Romania food called Sergiana.

Center of the image you can see the Black Church off in the distance.

Kyusho Jitsu for Beginners - I have a very clear path to learning for those interested in adding pressure points to their martial art study.

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Discover the hidden and lost Secrets of Dim Mak [Kyusho Jitsu] New eBook Series that brings back the lost ancient teachings of Dim Mak.

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Dangerous Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10. How dangerous or deadly can a pressure point be in the hands of an expert?

Learn the FACTS of this very dangerous pressure point from this article.

Tell me! Which Martial Arts is Best for today's ever growing more dangerous world? And what are the reasons one Martial Art is superior?

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Beyond Healing with Kyusho Jitsu. Learn the path to great heal and a long life. Why illness occurs and how to heal the body for great health.

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Discover the Top 5 Deadly Dim Mak Pressure Points. These are also referred to in Dim Mak as "Vital Points" of the humane body.

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The Martial Arts Punch [Sport] - What Most Martial Artists Don't Know About a Punch. Learn the correct Body Mechanics to a devastating punch!

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The wise learn from history. History of Martial Arts is the same. If you do not know where you come from you do not know where you are going.

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Learn today about Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02 - What makes them Dangerous and how to access them to add to your pressure point self defense training.

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Have a Kyusho Question? Ask here!!Dim Mak Pressure Points also know as Vital Point are surrounded with mystery. There are a total of 36 of these critical pressure points on the humane body. Today I am going to discuss in some detail 5 of these "Vital Points."

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What are Kyusho Special Alarm Points? Understanding what these special pressure points are and how once understood will bring your Kyusho level to mastery.

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Understanding Dim Mak Vs Kyusho Jitsu - Discover what the differences are between these 2 deadly martial arts disciplines and sciences of self defense.

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What Pressure Points work the best in a life or death, kill or be killed situation?

Learn the Top 5 Best Combat Pressure Points from this article.

What is the Kyusho Hapkido Octagon Connection - The dawn of an eclectic martial art and self defense system How it all came together & why.

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Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? A detailed explanation of how this type of pressure point knockout happens and which pressure point is best to use.

Learn more about knockouts from this article.

What makes Pressure Point Stomach 5 [ST-05] such an effective knockout pressure point? This article will explain how this pressure point works in detail.

Read this article now to learn more about ST-05.

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